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Problem with 2011 COACHMEN LEPRECHAUN motorhome class b on 01/08/06 in pickup truck w/approx. 28,000 miles on it, attempted to brake, vehicle began swaying violently out of control, brake pedal went to the floor and spun vehicle 180 degrees facing North on the shoulder of the southbound lane of nys thruway. Towing jayco 23' travel trailer; the trailer jack-knifed and hit vehicle. Nys police called a tow truck because vehicle's brake pedal went to the floor and vehicle was not driveable. In the fall Coachmen sent a letter to truck owners regarding a "brake judder" condition extending the warranty period.upon receipt of letter, requested that our local dealer address the issue; were informed until we experienced the "judder" problem, repairs could not commence. Since that time, tires have been rotated, oil changed, and nys inspection in December. Contacted Coach Corp headquarters and were informed factory rep would inspect vehicle on 02/02/06 - approx 25-days after incident. Local dealership cannot inspect vehicle. No assistanc until inspection by factory representative determining fault, even though the braking system completely failed! after further investigation of this problem on several auto forum sites, it is evident that COACHMEN LEPRECHAUN have a serious brake problem! there is no recall. We fear that someone will get maimed or killed! More complaint rather than tip, but make conclusions. Have ever had same problems?

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Is the Coachman rated to tow the Jayco? Course that would have nothing to do with pedal going to floor unless you had boiled the fluid for some reason. Let us know when they decide why the brakes failed.