Cold Shower

When using the shower in My NASH we get a good shot of cold water when using the shower head to turn off the water temporaly while soaping up. When we turn the water back on it comes out cold for a few seconds. Can anyone help me remadie this? :(
Re: Cold Shower

I had a similar problem with my new 5th wheel. When I closed my water heater bypass valve I didn't close it all the way. I was used to a ball valve and turned it 90 degrees when I should have spun the valve til it stopped. My water was getting hot then cold.

Hope this helps. :)
Re: Cold Shower

I'm a Volunteer Fireman here in NC. How long you been a Firefighter. I would think that cold water would feel good. I went through all the certification and when I had to put on my gear plus the air pack in three minutes I looked at the instructor and said, "You got to be kidding!" I am almost 62 years old, I think I will stay outside and monitor the truck or direct traffic, leave the burning buildings to the young toughs.

But my shower does the same thing. I think the water mix being more cold than hot causes the water to cool faster. I don't take military showers unless I am using the system self-contained. I don't do that very often. But you might check the by-pass valve on the side of the water heater to make sure it is going totally into the heater. There usually is a low point drain valve in the same area. At least there is one on mine. :)