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We do traveling and hunting during cold weather, down to zero. Our last trailer, a Cougar, was supposed to have a "polar pack" but still froze up the lines. What is the best trailer for cold weather from your personal experience, and how do we find out the specs on that?
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A Prairie Schooner or Yellowstone by Gulf Stream equipped with Double Thermal Pane Windows, Extra Insulation in roof and floor and heated tanks is rated to not freeze until minus 10 degrees. Of course, water in and out, has to be protected. Check them out at:, and you will find the some of the highest R values in the market.

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Yes, they did freeze with furnace on. Ran a lot of propane through and still froze up! And, it was supposed to have had a "Polar Pack".
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I was thinking about looking at the Cougar with the Polar option. How cold did it get when you had the freeze-up problem? Was it below zero? Did the inside stay comfortable when it got that cold?
Appreciate your opinion.

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Adeltaman, I used to own a cougar and camped in it in 18 degree weather without any problem. A small electric heater kept it cozy inside and the furnace didn't run often. It was a 2000 model. If I was going to be camping extended time in colder weather I would go with a higher end rv. Cougar is an entry level unit but, good rv for the $$$ IMO
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The Cardinal trailers & 5th Wheels are a true "four seasons" coach. They have tank heaters which have an independant thermostat that turns on automatically when the temp hits about 30 degrees.
The Cardinals are insulated with block foam insulation through-out the coach, including the exterior compartment doors and the slide out floors.
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Canadian made rvs with a winter package tend to have more cold weather
protection than US manufacturers. Triple E rvs are guaranteed to -20C
as well as Arctic Fox.


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I believe Aortic Fox is manufactured by Northwood RV. First plant in Oregon and now a plant in Virginia.(USA) :laugh: :approve: