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John Harrelson

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Being an old retired restaurant owner and cook, I normally make most of my meals from scratch.

However, yesterday when at the local Grocery Outlet, I bought a frozen package of "Banquet Crock Pot Classics" Meatballs and Pasta.

Following package instructions, I cooked it in my crock pot and it turned out OK… but only "OK"…

While the taste is not bad, it has that "Processed" taste..

The easiest way to describe the flavor is to compare it to a can of "Denny's Beef Stew"

with it's tin can taste..

Has anyone else ever tried any of the Commercial "Crock Pot" dishes ?

If so, how about posting your results..

Please folks… NO homemade recipes… I only want your opinions of the various "Commercial" packaged products designed for cooking in a crock pot.




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RE: Commercial foods

Oh yes, I have had my experience with the Commercial Food Crock Pot Bags. None of them are really spectacular. The concept was great they just use the cheapest pieces of processed meat. The only brand that I found was half way decent was Marie Callendars. Banquet is the cheaper brand so in that case I guess you get what you pay for. One thing you can do is try to dress up the pot with some of your own trimmings. Better yet, throw in some of your own pieces of meat in there. The chicken dishes are better than the beef.

good luck on that one.


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Re: Commercial foods

My experience with all of the "packaged" products is that they are so salty that I can't judge the flavor beyond the salt.

I wish they would let me salt my own meals like I do when I make them from scratch.


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Re: Commercial foods

I do not commercial packaged, like TEX said, to salty and also I agree that the Tin taste seems to linger