Concerns w/frame construction


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I have concerns w/the frame construction of this rv. We are looking at a 2001 27BH Wildwood by forest river. It is a new leftover unit. Why left over? Its beautiful inside. My concerns are the frame construction, heres what the brochure says that I am concerned about,
A&E 8500 side awning
5/8 Plywood tongue and groove floor decking
5" truss roof rafters
3/8" roof decking (entire roof)
2"x3" floor joists 12" on center
R-7 insulation thruout floors, walls,ceilings
galvanized steel wheelwells w/fiberglass insulation
6"box tube
2"x2" wall studs 16" on center.
Okay, all that said, what does that mean, sounds like all wood, right?
Does that sound like a sturdy frame, most of the other frame constructions we have looked at seem to have more aluminum. How important is it to have aluminum? Keep in mind we are looking for a lower cost trailer but we don't want to purchase something that may be falling apart either. The dealer has offered $13,100.00 out the door. That includes ADI head set,pig tail,brake control,tax,title, tags, demo,prep, and clean. ???????

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Concerns w/frame construction

Carolinagirl, You are right it does sound like all wood and I personally would be looking for something that can handle all the bouncing and vibration a unit goes through down the road. I can not give any advise on fifth wheels as We have never had one (only a pop up and then class A motorhomes). You may find a quality built unit that is only a year or two old and save a lot of money. Good luck and have fun in what ever you get.

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Concerns w/frame construction

Nothing wrong with a wood frame trailer.That is the oldest type of framing,and has proven to be very reliable.Many new trailers are wood frame,Jayco and Sunline are,and they are darned good ones IMO.The galvanized wheel wells and the decking seem a little on the cheap side,but look at the price.Forest River has a rep for quality control problems,from what I have read-leaky windows,misfitting panels etc.They also use cheap appliances in some models.Too bad you cant find another Keystone,even a used one I think would be better.The new ones are now made by Thor which has questioable reliability.Good hunting.