condensation in skylight

Wondering if anybody has a similar problem... Havea 2002 FR Shamrock. Had a lot of condensation in between the domes of the skylight in the bathroom. The ceiling became warped with water damage...... We took the inner dome off the skylight this past month and it has stayed dried and doesn't seem to be wet at all . Is the skylight known to cause this much condensation to warp the ceiling????? ANy help would be Great! :question:

C Nash

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Re: condensation in skylight

Condensation is a problem especially in the bathroom. About the only solution is ventelation. You really should run the ceiling vent when showering. The moisture has to be removed or it will condensate much like a cold glass of Ice tea.
Re: condensation in skylight

We have never used the shower area (storage mainly) and we always have the fan running when we are using the TT. Seems more like the sky light not right.... :eek: