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We have been having trouble with condensation. We sent pictures to our 5th Wheel manufacturer and the replied as shown below. I guess my question is, how close does the inside temperature have to be to the outside so condensation doesn't form. We have purchased a dehumidifier, but the temperatures have been in the 60's the last few days. Any thoughts?

The reply is below:

I got both of your pictures and reviewed them. Your camper has aluminum
framing. Where the condensation is occurring is where the frame is. What is
happening that aluminum is much colder than the inside of your camper. You need
to open your roof vents, reduce your heat and get a dehumidifier.
Unfortunately, like I had stated before the warranty does not cover
condensation. If there is anything else that I can help you with please let me


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What they told you to do is correct but you can go one step further and get some Damp Rid bags and hang them up in your rig (if under 24feet long just 1 will do). This should take care of your problem. When they say open you vents you really only need to open one about 1/2 inch. Make sure its the one in the upper area. Nix on the dehumidifier its just an AC unit. One other thing you can do is move to a drier climate (ie. Arizona). I think the damp rid would be cheaper.