Confused about converters

I have a magtec converter 45 amp, it has the optional battery charger built in. I checked the voltage coming from the converter and it is showing about 13.5 volts when plugged into shore power, coming out of the battery charger. When I went to the house batteries, which were disconnected, I put the voltmeter on the neg and postive cable, and showed no voltage. Shouldn't I be getting at least the maintance charge showing on the volt meter. I've checked the wires from the converter to the battery house and there ok. I'm afraid that my 2 6 volt golf cart batteries will take a big hit if I hooked them up. Any suggestions or am I really confused about the converter. :eek: :eek: :question:


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Confused about converters

One would have to know a little more about your conberter to say for sure. It may be that the converter has a "smart" charge circuit and when it reaches peak voltage, which would happen either with a fully charged battery, or in your case with an open circuit, the charger turns off. I suggest that you start by reading the papers that came with the converter. I also wonder why you would operate the converter with the battery disconnected? The 13.5V sounds proper.
Confused about converters


The reason the house batteries were disconnected was that they were just replaced with the 6 volt trojans. The previous batteries were hooked up and the motorhome was plugged in to land power once a month for a day to keep the others charged, but they went dead, so I wanted to check to see if the charger was throwing a charge to the house batteries by placing a volt meter on the + and - lines. The charger is an Magneteck that is no longer made, and the company has sold out to another. by running a google search I can't find a schemtic or book on this converter.

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Confused about converters

I don't know if they will help or not, but Parralax (i think spell right) replaced Magnetec in the trailers we sell. I believe they bought them, but not sure. Good Luck
Confused about converters

If you go to RVERSCORNER.COM, click on RVMAINTANCE ART., scroll down to ELECTRICFYING, and then Magnetek conv. You will find a sch. dia. of the unit in question. The output charge voltage is adj.

Hope this helps...