Confused about gas

I am really confused. I have been looking at Ford f-350 with PSD vs. V-10. One of the things I’ve realized is, in order to increase miles per gal., one could go to a higher gear ratio but in so doing, the once powerful V-10 becomes a dog (especially when pulling mountains) I think I’ve got that right…right??
OK, so I go to trailer life and download their tow ratings for 2002 and, get this, a 2500HD with a 8.1 gas engine 3.73:1 will tow a rig weighing 13,500lbs which is 1,100 lbs more than the F-350 PSD I now have. So what’s happening. Will that combo by Chevy also be a dog?
The 3.73:1 would be more desirable than 4.10:1 as far as gas mileage goes (or so I think) but would it be worth the sacrifice of power? How about this combo? A 8.1 with a super chip and 3.73:1.
Looking for the best of all worlds
Thanks for your input.
Confused about gas

Well here goes I am off into no mans lands but darn it so beautiful.
Since we are not discussing price but brut power and mileage lets go for it.

The diesel will give you worlds of both low end and upper end power. Go to banks or one of the oter reutable after market companies and buy a selective power system for 5 hundred to 9 hundred dollars and you have a beast. When you hook up the rig set it on what ever power range you need and when you are cruising on flat land after reaching cruising speed set it back to normal.

As for the V-10 several of the guys on the forum have them and are well satisified with them. Some have added after market goodies that have increased HP torque and mileage.

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Confused about gas

Dave if you now have a PS you'll never be happy with a gasser. I'm curious since diesels are suppose to last forever why are you looking for another truck?
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Confused about gas

Here is something to think about Dave,

*** Diesel fuel cost more than gasoline but gives better mileage
*** Gasoline is cheaper but gives poorer mileage compared to diesel

So just "Generally Speaking" the good part of one cancels out the bad part of the other.. or in other words the cost of fuel per mile will come out pretty close to the same for either one..

That being the case, I would look at the other factors between diesel and gasoline powered trucks.

The diesel engines of today are a thousand times better than their predecessors.
Todays diesel vehicle can "come off the line" as quick as most v-8 gasoline vehicles can.
The diesel is built stronger than a gas engine.
The diesel engine will last longer than the gas engine when both types are given proper maintenance and upkeep.

The diesel will produce more strength (horsepower,torque) than the gas engine will.. and that gives more pulling power with a lot less strain on the engine.

Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT against gas engines, they have their place in the scheme of things.
But in my opinion,, a truck should have a diesel engine and the gasoline engines are great for the family car..

Somewhere I read that in America only one out of every twenty vehicles is a diesel.
In Europe, one out of every five vehicle is gasoline..

The Europeans have known for decades that the diesel is the better way to go.. We Americans are slowly catching up to the modern world..and one day everything will be diesel powered.. using alternative fuels made from corn, soybeans or other oil producing plant life..

I personally don't want any truck that is not diesel powered.

Once again,,, just my opinion, and to each their own

Confused about gas

John Harrleson, the diesel /gasoline thing in Europe is MONEY MONEY MONEY and GRED,

What it boils down to is as you said is diesel engines are built stronger which means they are heavier and cost more (but last a lot longer). And in states manufacturers want to build something quick and cheap and most importantily FAST because of demand.

Look at the growth pattern between the US and Europe.

Another number in the equation is for the most part when refining crude the distillation cut for diesel is normally smaller than that of gasoline (makes more gas so to speak). So the manufacturers make engines that run off the more abundant fuel.

Look at the way diesel prices have risen over the past few years, they blame it on the new desulfurization processes but guess what, its supply and demand. The tighter emmisions controls on gasoline drove folks to diesel demand got higher HMMMMM lets captiaize and make some MO MONEY.

The above senario I am well familiar with because I have worked in refineries for most of my life. Diesel use to be "Dang what are we going to do with this stuff" to now "lets GOUGE the American people"

Diesel cost more than gasoline now days for that very reason,

Oh well so much for the ecconomic and science lesson for the day :laugh: .
Confused about gas

The one part of your question that no one has commented on:
"OK, so I go to trailer life and download their tow ratings for 2002 and, get this, a 2500HD with a 8.1 gas engine 3.73:1 will tow a rig weighing 13,500lbs which is 1,100 lbs more than the F-350 PSD I now have."

It is easy for a manufacture to say that there rig will tow "X" amount of weight. All it has to do is pull it on flat level ground, zero head wind etc. "nothing is ever mentioned at what speed or % grade." The important thing to remember is that pulling is only HALF of the equation; The Important Half Is STOPPING that load.

Now that you realize that you have to be able to safely stop that load going down hill with out burning up the brakes, go back and do a little more research on "STOP ABILITY" then decide what size, gear ratio etc. truck that you want.


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Confused about gas

Just a quick note...I just filled up today and in Northern Michigan, diesel was 2.279 and regular gas was 2.299, 2 cents cheaper.

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Confused about gas

Note: that here in Minn. diesel is $2.279 and 87 octane regular is $2.049 :eek:
And diesel has been about that much higher for more than a year.
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Confused about gas

Here in So. Cal. diesel hit $2.87 yesterday, $2.61 for 87 octane reg.. That is the average according to our local news. I paid $2.53 close to our house. We are about to leave for No. Cal. and according to Good Sam trip planner reg. will average $2.62. Who knew ? :bleh: :laugh:

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Confused about gas

Diesel costs more than gas right now because the refineries are at maximum output for diesel. Won't get better until they can produce more diesel. Maybe the rv'ers are to blame. Back in 1995 when I first started to fulltime, I didn't see too many other diesel pickups. Now if you see a gas powered pickup pulling a trailer you wonder why he's acting so strange. Lots of diesel pickups out there now. Even with the higher cost of diesel you still can go farther on a gallon of diesel than a gallon of gas. Now if you compute the added cost of the diesel engine it starts to even out. However, the first time you come to a big mountain, the diesel goes to the head of the line. Don't know much about motorhomes, other than if I had the extra 40k for a diesel pusher, being a fulltimer (most of the time)there would not be any question about which to choose. The pusher is the only way to go. :clown: :cool: :laugh: :)