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Hi all, first post! I'm wondering if there is a special switch or something to use when I plug my 110 volt, landline connection in. I just replaced the breaker thinking that could be it and lights all work fine off my 12-volt battery. Hoping there's something simple. Thanks for any help. Ruth
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Welcome to the forum Ruth. How do you know the 110 is not working? What do you mean "replaced the breaker"? Why? Give us a little more info and I'm sure one of the smarty pants on this forum will have an answer. Oh by the way...for what ever reason its called shore power not land line. Kinda crazy unless you're on a boat.
Re: Connecting to 110's a Sunline small trailer, there's a breaker box with a 20 amp and 15 amp switch, I removed the panel, unwired the breaker and bought a new one. When plugged to "shore power" none of the lights come on and if I plug in to an interior receptacle, my test light won't shine. Seems like I never had to hit a switch before, and I sure can't locate one.
My owner's manual doesn't mention a converter. Thanks again.


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does anything 120volt work in u'r rv???? u should have a converter if u say lights work on 12v ,, but then agian u may not ,,, what type of shore line do u have a 30 amp or a 20 amp ,, as jim said need more info ,, please ,, also is this the first time that it has happened???? just some thoughts ;) :) :)
Btw ,, welcome to the forum :approve: :) :)
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Okee-dokee here's the update. Took my little Sunline to the RV repair here in town, turns out I just needed a new battery and a covered box for it. Seems to have worked, the shore power works again without having to deal with the breaker. Thanks to you interested helpers and fellow travelers, we'll see ya'll at the campground somewhere.