Considering a swivel wheel or Idaho Tote for 41' 5th Wheel

big red slead

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I'm considering purchasing a Swivel Wheel or Idaho Tote to carry my 1800 Gold Wing behind a 41' Landmark 5th wheel. I am towing my rig with an '06 3500 Dodge Dully. I have added a 5" exhaust and engine brake to my tow vehicle.

Are there any safety issues with this arrangement?

Has anyone done this same thing?

Are there any states that consider this illegal?

I appreciate any feedback.

Big Red Sled


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Many states consider either a double tow and not legal. You will need to see each state. There is a tread here somewhere about the double tow and legal but I have never seen one to address the swivel and Idaho as it pertains to each states interpretion.