Convert 30 amp to 50amp????


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I have a 30' 5ver that is 30 amps. The power available with 30 amps is borderline (as is the A/C and tires). I want to convert it to 50 amps, and would like any input from anyone who has done this (or has ideas about it).

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>>I've given up on Enlightenment...Now I'm just hoping for a reasonable Fantasy<<


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

Wouldn't you have to re-wire the WHOLE trailer with heavier gauge wire? Also, what about the breakers in the breaker box? JAT.....


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????


Id be curious to better understand what you mean by 'Border line'. You may be right, but is this by experience of tripping breakers or just knowledge that all the accessories you run make it marginal. If it is just knowledge and you are NOT tripping breakers - my reply would be 'so what' - it isnt a problem so dont 'fix it'.

The idea of a separate circuit for the A/C may be a good choice. This would isolate the A/C from the remaining circuts.

I dont think you would need to rewire the whole rig as each circuit is wired for its intended max load - if you dont overload the particular outlets, the outlets will not see any additional load regardless of how much power is available.

I would think that the main line to the circuit breaker box would need to be increased to carry the additional current if and you will need to add a breaker (or possibly replace the breaker box) to accommodate the higher current. You may have a limit of 30 amps on the breaker box and need a 50 amp box.

There is likely a separate circuit for the A/C and perhaps this is the one you might want to increase if it is tripping. Changing a breaker may void your warranty for the rigs electrical circuit, so you want to be careful here...:)

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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

I changed the electrical service on my 1995 Dolphin.
I put my rear air on a circut by itself, well I also put my electric water heater on it as well.
I cut the wire that goes to my rear air conditioner, put a plug on it, took the other end and put a plugin box on it. I located this in my electrical bay so it would be easy to get at. When I am on the road, I plug it in to itself. Than it is just like it was from the factory. (My genset will supply 50 amps.)
When parked, I plug my 30 amp line into the shore service and use a heavy extinsion cord to plug my rear air into a 20 amp service.
Works for me.


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

If you want to go from 30 to 50 without having a seperate line for the AC then you will HAVE to change your box over to a 50. That isn't all that hard, just do it in the off season. If you would take the time to make a dedicated line for the AC anyway you might as well take the extra few hours and do it up right. With the 50 in there you leave room for more goodies.

You don't have to change the breakers on your new box, keep the old ones.


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

Forgive me if I am wrong but I am only speaking of household wiring experience. If you would like to up the amps that you are sending to a circuit, you will need to up the wiring in that circuit. Now, if you only up your wiring to your box and the box itself then you would be fine. (IE upgrade the power cord and the box but no breakers). Then you could add a breaker for wiring your AC directly. Sounds like whatever way you go, you need to wire your AC directly.


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

Suds is not correct, if you use the same circuit breakers. As one who worked with electricity for 40 years, it is not difficult to do, if you understand electricity. But it is very dangerous to attempt to do so if you do not have the knowledge needed.


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Convert 30 amp to 50amp????

I doubt anyone will see this, but connecting to a 50amp circuit will not require any change to your wiring in your RV. If you RV is setup for 30amp service what this means is wiring is set to handle 30amps of draw or current. The items in your RV, unless you have modified the fridge, microwave, hot water heat A/C after you purchase the unit will only pull 30amp of current. By plugging into 50amp circuit you are only allowing the wiring in your RV to operate more effiencently. You breakers should not be change. Current is based on the the amount of voltage divided by the resistance (load) you put on it.