Converter location


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We have a shortage of available RV techs so I'm trying to check my converter myself but can't locate it. Wondering if anyone might know this for a 2008 Fleetwood Prowler 250 RLS trailer.
Battery is good but converter is not charging it. Want to check for 120 going in and 13.86 going out for battery charging.


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Sorry no one answered you. On or near/behind the 120 volt circuit breaker box. If it's working you will be able to hear the fan run.

Jack Hall

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Possible workaround- I got a small (6amp) smart charger from Harbor Freight for less than $30. It monitors the ctate of charge of the battery and tapers the charging rate as the battery becomes charged, finally going to a "float charge " condition when it is fully charged. That is ALL I plug in when the trailer is just sitting. On a prior trailer, I left it plugged in for months, and the converter killed the battery. When I talked to an RV tech about it, he said "Yeah- trailer converters are notorious for boiling a battery dry and killing it". I suspect that newer trailers (made after 2018 or so) have probably addressed this issue by making the converter "smart", but this is just a guess.