Converting a 5th Wheeler to New Zealand Specifications


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Hi Everyone,
We have plans to buy a 5th wheeler here in the USA, and export it to New Zealand. It would need to be modified to New Zealand specifications before it was able to be used on NZ roads. I understand Forest River does this from new (left hand entry door, 240 volt electrics etc.), however as we want to broaden our selection choice, does anyone know of other USA manufacturers that do this OR of any companies that converts them to foreign specifications (from new or used).
Appreciate your advice and help.


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Hi Chris,
I plan to import a 5th wheeler in the next year or two. I already have a 5th wheeler built in the USA, that was made compliant to Australian standards, which I think are the same regulations as New Zealand. My 5th wheeler is 8 years old now and I would like to upgrade soon