Converting Cable Hook Up to Satellite


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I think I have seen this answered before but could not find it. I want to convert my outside cable hook up on my 93 Winnebago Brave to a satellite hook up. Does anyone know what needs to be done to make this work?


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Re: Converting Cable Hook Up to Satellite

It just depends upon how it is wired. If the coaxial cable goes from the connector to a selector switch to the split to two TV sets, or if there is only one TV set, then all you need to do is to install the dish receiver where it will receive the signal from the cable connection and then connect the signal out of the receiver to the TV or to the selector that sends a signal to each TV.

If you have a connection that goes to two TV sets via a signal splitter, and there is no switch, then you will have to run new cable or to remove that signal splitter and reroute the signal to the rear TV. A signal splitter can be used between the dish receiver and the two TVs so that they both receive it, but you can't have a splitter between the dish and the receiver. That is because the splitter will not pass the voltage that is needed to operate the dish's LNB.