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:( Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong with the gas stove oven? I
have one of those three burner cook stoves.I put something in the oven and it
comes out burnt.I bought one of those tempersure gauges just to check to make
sure the tempersure is right.It did no good,it still came out burnt.I put the rack
on the top setting,it still got burnt.I lowered the temp by 50degrees,it still came
out burnt.
:( My last camper had the same 3 burner stove,but I could cook in it.I had no
problems with the oven.Heck,I cooked pies,pizza and what not.I thought nothing
about it.But this stove is driveing me nuts.I'm at the point to try and find a
little apartment stove and put that in.(with some modications)
Any suggestions would be better then none.


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Re: Cooking Stove

Sorry, I don't use my oven! I have a residential outdoor gas grill at my seasonal site and I do all of my baking on it!


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Re: Cooking Stove

The only reason that something in the oven burns is that it is too hot! ;)

So, why is it too hot?

Do you have an adjustment? Does it really work?

Is it a top burner or a bottom burner? Mine's on top.

In cooking there's always a conflict with the materials that cook fast and the one's that cook slower. Pies are a good example. You want the inside to cook slowly so the 'apples' will get soft. But you want the outside to be brown and crispy. It really is two separate cooking operations in a small oven if you have a top burner.

Come on! Let's talk cooking! :eek:


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Re: Cooking Stove

My god Tex, the feminine side is coming out. My fried pies are to die for and I do alot of Italian cooking. Mayebe we can start a whole new thread.


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Re: Cooking Stove

The requirement is that you have to be the one that cooks it; not the spouse.

My favorite comfort food is 'stoup'.


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Re: Cooking Stove

Well we use the convection oven in our rv, dont have the old gas oven type. Had to learn to adjust since it tends to cook a lil hotter and a lil faster. I also do a heck of a lot of cookin in my crock pot. So much nicer to let the meal simmer all day and give the house a nice cookin fragrance as well. LOL