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Hi All
I am new to this site so I don't know if this topic has been covered. I would like to know if these devices work as advertised? It would be nice to know which way you need to turn etc. in advance. They are quite pricey for being a direction finder?Any information would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks
CoPilot GPS

hay a little off, but do you know how to get the refgrerator to work on gas only? Do I need to light a flame or something??

C Nash

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CoPilot GPS

Hi Grumps,
Never really seen the need for a gps myself. Great if you are out on the water but, just use your computer and mapquest and they will give you all your turns from your front door to your destination FREE. Well, these computers are not free. If you are lost use your road map, coarse you may have to drive 50 miles before you find a sign with what road you are on and it's a no no to stop and ask directions. The way I look at it all roads lead somewhere and we might as well see where. Happy Camping

Chelse L. Nash


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CoPilot GPS

Grumps: I have a laptop w/DeLorme map systems (on CD's) w/GPS. It's inexpensive, accurate and gooder than grits. Gives you campgrounds info (locations/info/phn/rates); real-time continuous location (within about 20-40 feet--good nuf for me!); trip planning; hotels; restaurants; parks; Interstate Exit services (like Flying J's, T/A's, Kmart/Walmart) etc. Audio tells you 60 seconds prior to a turn; what road you're on, direction, speed, ad nauseum. Beats the wife saying "we shoulda turned back there". Just be careful not to spend too much time playing w/the laptop while enroute. The GPS is not helpful knowing that you're 23 feet into a ditch off I-95.
DeLorme Map n' Go ver 7.0, covers USA, Canada, Mexico. For more detailed USA coverage (but not as much campground info) there's DeLorme's Atlas USA 8.0 Have fun.