Cost of brake work


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I have done my own in the past but it's too heavy and I'm too old & tired to even think about pulling a drum.

I having problems with uneven braking. steering wheel pulling and some grunts and groans in the front. I never notice it during my normal (conservative) driving but if I stab at the brakes hard I get all the above.

Anyway, how about a price range I can expect from best to worse case from a truck garage if I can find one that will work on it. This is on my Vogue PV motor home. It's a 36,000 lb. chassis with air brakes.




Re: Cost of brake work

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm been there don't jump on the first one that says they will do it. Depending where you are located, in the southern states there are many shops that cater to brake and spring only work for trucks and the like which is where I would go.

Taking it to a brake shop if the brake shoes can be repadded and the drums cut you are looking at 175 to 200 a wheel


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Re: Cost of brake work

A Freightliner shop would be your best bet. They work on motorhomes but they aren't cheap. If you have a Kenworth shop they may be willing but again aren't cheap. A shop that does a lot of dump truck work may be willing also.