Cost of Fort Wilderness

Well I lost the battle over staying at Fort Wilderness in the camper because the wife wants everyone to be in the same area. This trip in October will include the Sister and Brother in-law with 2 kids, Mother and Father in-law and us. I did though convience her to go over to Fort Wilderness and check it out for the future. I was wondering if we were to make a day of it and use there facilities and activities what type of cost am I looking at? Horseback riding, renting a boat, the Hoop de do dinner, etc. Any ideas of cost on some of the things? Thanks...
Cost of Fort Wilderness

I found the Fort Wilderness Staff a little understaffed. They seemed confused as to what their job was. I'm not sure was a response most given. Kissimmee has some terrific RV campgrounds at a lower cost and still close to ....
Cost of Fort Wilderness

:laugh: I took the family down to Fort Wilderness last Oct. At that time we had a class A rental with 1 slide. I have 3 small boys & they had a ball. It was hard for me to get them to leave the campground & go into the park. Pricing was more than your average rv park but their is so much for the kids & adults to do. Just dont forget to bring anything like milk food $$$$. We are going back next April again In our new Holiday Rambler 40' DP. Have FUN!!!!!
Re: Cost of Fort Wilderness

Hey fellas...New to the forum. I have a couple of families planning an April 09 trip to Disney World. All of us have small kids (2.5 yo and up) Do you recommend Ft Wilderness? What's a reasonable budget for a family of four? Thanks for any info availabe.
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