Cover for pick-up box when towing a 5th wheel trailer


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Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a retractable or fold back cover for a pick-up truck that can be used when a 5th wheel trailer is connected to the truck? Some manufacturers offer covers that can be partially closed when connected to a 5th wheel trailer but I am hoping to find one that will fit around the fifth wheel hitch and provide weather protection for the entire box.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Cover for pick-up box when towing a 5th wheel trailer

There was a solid one which had removable covers over the hitch and between the hitch and the rear. Miller Manufacturing, I believe. I got their 1/3 cover for the bed in front of the hitch to carry my generator (the extended pin box on my trailer would have banged into the full cover. They seem to have gone out of business a year or three ago though. When I was looking, I also found a canvas cover which had a cutout for the hitch, but I didn't have any interest in canvas. None of the folding or rolling ones were able to handle the hitch back in those days, because if you cut a hole in the middle of any piece, the thing would collapse.