cracked windsheild


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I have a 2004 meridian 34' coach, the other day i noticed a crack in the drivers side windsheild approx. 7 inches. local glass companies say they can fix if its not longer than a dollar bill.. Does anyone have any ideas ,aside from entire replacement????


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RE: cracked windsheild

Think that's right. They may not be able to fix the crack, but I think they can stop it from getting bigger. I'd do that before I would think of replacing it. Not sure how bad they have to get before it becomes unsafe. Let us know what you find out. Have a pretty good one on my truck Shirley wants me to fix.

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Re: cracked windsheild

If you have insurance they will pay fpr the repair or mine will. No deductable will be applied if the crack can be fixed. Even if the wshield has to be replaced insurance will cover after deductable and they will not increase your insurance for these claims other than it goes up ever year. The crack will keep getting larger if not fixed.
Better get busy Shadow. Hate to see Shirley cut the stove off :eek: :laugh:


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Re: cracked windsheild

Was the crack caused by a rock hitting the glass? Some of those large windshield have been known to crack due to stress. It doesn't happen often but when it does you have to pull the glass to relieve the stress and that means replace the glass.