cracked windshields


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I have a 2005 Holiday Rambler "Scepter" that has had 6 cracked windshields replaced. In July of 2004 we purchased our coach at the Napa show in California. Since then we have replaced the windshield 5 times because of stress cracks in the upper corners of our coach, Monaco has had there Techs fly down from Oregon and personally instruct the mechanics in replacing the glass, and in a few hours later the windshield cracks, they have cut into the front cap extensively and still have not remedied the problem. Monaco has informed us that they will not be responsible if injury occurs due to windshield, because there is a problem, unfortunatley we are not able to drive it due to saftey. They now want us to go to Oregon facility to try and fix it for the 6th time. Is there anyone else having this problem as Monaco told us there is a 100+ RV's with the same problem, We need your imput, Thanks


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cracked windshields

I have seen the problem in many different manufaturers rigs over the last 10 years. It has a lot to do with how the cap and body fit together. If the cap was put "crooked" and is under stress itself, it puts extra stress on the windshield which flexes less and cracks first. Since the caps are fiberglass and do flex a little when I say crooked I mean that at the time it was installed the cap was installed with a slight twist or one side sits a little lower (less than 3/8 in.) . This can actually change the way the glass sits in the hole but ussually recutting the hole relieves the stress. Plus the rubber seal helps eliminate stress as well. I would take the trip to Oregon and let them look. Have a glass shop stop drill the crack in your windshield and then tape the area with clear packing tape to make sure that if it cracks more it won't fall apart.

There are a lot of nice places to visit in Oregon. Plan to stay a month after they fix your rig.