Credit Card for fuel

What do you recommend as the best credit card for fuel saving? We just used all our air miles and now need to save fuel money, going full time in mid 06.

Might as well start build points.
Credit Card for fuel

I get a 5% discount on gas and diesel with my Shell Mastercard. Go to any Shell station to get an application. If anybody has a better deal, I would like to know also.


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Credit Card for fuel

That seems to be a good one, but for now it is even better. I just got the application this week and have it in my hand at the moment. From Oct. 15 through Jan. 15, 2006 they are offering 15% off of gasoline purchases and purchases at Jiffy Lube for the first sixty days. It then goes back to the usual 5%. One other thing about this card, the discount is not on the purchase, but is a discount that is applied aginst the next purchase.

Grandview, have you ever used it? Just wondering how well it works as I have just now applied for one.
Credit Card for fuel

No, I have not heard of that deal. It does sound good, but in VA I have not noticed a Jiffy Lube that sells gas. I might need to look closer, but I have to drive 25-30 miles to get to one. We don't have one is our little town.
My discount is reflected on the bill each month. When we used to haul cars for dealers, we would have a $2,000.00/month bill and that was when diesel was a buck a gallon. 5% really added up. I remember raising you know what when fuel went from a dollar to $1.50 the day after 9-11 and we had to fill up 3 trucks to haul cars to an auction. Wish it were that price again.