Crossroads Fifth

[A&A] Saw a Crossroads fifth at the spring RV show in Houston. Looked good,price was right, and RV Consumers guide gave them a good rating (in the 80s on value & durability I believe). Does anyone out there have experience with one? I am a little concerned because the company is so new, haven&#039t built a reputation yet, so I would really like to hear from anyone who has owned one for a while. Thanks for your input.
Crossroads Fifth

[Keith] We bought a Crossroads 5032rl last year and we love it. Had some minor problems which turned out to either lack of dealer prep or operator error. Any questions that the dealer would or could not answer, the company did. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We are really looking forward to spending a 4 week vacation in ours as well as many weekends as we can squeeze in.
Crossroads Fifth

[John] Nice coach but small company. This company just sold out to some investers. Will they change there products around. They have a very small dealer network which meams limited service or maybe no service.