cruise control failuer

have a 2003 chev 250 .when i hit the break in cc it drops as it should but won't go back into cc till I hit the break again... any help on this one??


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cruise control failuer

There is a high probability that the brake pedal switch that deactivates the cruise is sticking in the pedal depressed position (even though the pedal may be up), tapping it again might be releasing the switch. Also, maybe the pedal is just slightly down because the return spring is weak. Try deactivating your cruise and then go to resume. If it does not resume then try to lift the pedal with your foot. If there is some motion then try to resume again. If it energizes this time, then the problem is probably switch/spring related. You might have to put some silicone lubricant on the switch plunger or increase the spring return force. Hope this helps. Icky