cummings vs Hemi


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Am presently pulling a 8,000 lb Citation Fifth wheel with a Dodge Ram 5.2 about 9 mpg last summer, get about 17 without the trailer.

Am looking at a demo 2003 6 speed 2500 RAM with Cummings for about $36,000 canadian or a used 2003 1500 RAM automatic 5.7 Hemi for $29,000 canadian with 20,000 kms on it.

Am looking for any kind of advice or feedback. I may put 12,000 kms annually on the truck, it's used to go back and forth to work, approx 2 miles, some casual driving, and then family travel. For most outings we have a Jetta TDI wagon.

What advantages/disadvantages re the cummings vs hemi.
Service, wear and tear on both.
Basically anything you can think of.


ps. Just started 5th wheeling last summer and went on a 4,000 km trip. My preference would be similar, a 3 week trip at roughly the same distance with a couple more short hops throughout the summer.

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cummings vs Hemi

Hi Peter, this is my $.02, I have a diesel and like you only have 2 miles to work and it is very hard on the diesel never worms up properly, batteries because glow plugs must cycle every start, also hard on the glow plugs, I buoght a Mazda B2300 for driving to work etc. How does your old truck tow you jig? If it does ok then the Hemi will do better and the $7000.00 will buy you lots of gas and camping , you can figure the diesel will give 4 mpg better milage in all phases of driving, the maintenance on the diesel is more, 2 times the oil, air filters cost about $20.00 vs $3.50 for gas, oli filter $9.00 vs $2.5 for gas, fuel filter $12.00 vs $6.00 for gas, while you don't have spark plugs you will have to replace glow plugs over time cost over 100000 miles is about the same as spark plugs, this cost are from my records for my diesel Ford vs my Ford 460. I don't know how the hemi will standup in the long run as it is new, big block engines in the real world last as long as most diesels, I've had 3 light truck diesels and once they hit 150000 miles you can expect to pay some big bucks for maint. There is no dought the diesel will tow like a son of a gun, but this is what happens with my diesel it sitts in the shed most of the year getting about 1500 miles per year & my 460 getts about 10000 miles with our Lance & 5th wheel. Hope this helps a little. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
PS Iam in Az. for the winter, and was mildly surprised to see a number of hemis towing 28' to 30' 5ers, the are 3 hemis in our park at the present time one towing a 30' Jayco single slide 5er & another towing a 2 slide 30' Carriage 5er.


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cummings vs Hemi

hi pete, hereis my two cents worth.just purchased a new dodge diesel 2500 q.c. pick-up. always been a ford man but bought a new f-250 with the new 6.0 motor. let me sit 2 miles from the dealer. ford bought it back. the new dodge, never liked mopar,is great.yes, the diesel costs more and maint. is higher but cummins now warrants the engine for 100,000 miles. the new high output motor has no glow plugs, it has a manifold heater. this truck has the 6-speed manual with 3.73rears. i get 19 mpg not towing but this thing gets 17.5mpg towing a 32'montana fifth wheel with two slides.the price with rebates and on the road was just over 32,000 in maryland and this trucks has alot of options,pwandl,cruise,a/c, sliding rear window, power heated mirrors,power seats, tow package and skid pltes,4x4, slt package and the dealer even threw in a line-x bed liner, nerf bars and mudflaps.the hemi is nice also,but the piece of mind having the tow power makes me feel better, plus the price was only 2,550 cheaper. either truck will do ,but i go with the diesel if it fits your budget.


cummings vs Hemi


I have a 92 Dodge Cummins. This is a first generation engine. Not only can you not beat a Cummins diesel but they stand behind their products. I was given bad info from Cummins and did $2400 bucks worth of damage to it. They took the responsibility for the problem and are sending me a check for the damages. These are tough engines. They run forever with normal maintenance. Mine is a W350 4x4 five speed with 354 rears 33 inch tires. I get about 20 mpg around town and 12 to 13 mpg towing my 27" fifth wheel. I gross out at about 19000lbs. I have never had a problem with the Dodge. Being the first generation Dodge Cummins it does lack a bit of power unless you turn up the pump a bit. It only has 160hp and 390 ftlbs for torch. The newer ones had tons more power. Cummins sold me when they stood behind their 12 year old engine when they could very easily turn their back on me a walked away. I will always use Cummins from now on. Great product and great people. Go to the Dodge Diesel Forum and talk to the guys.

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