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I would like to know if anyone has had a 21,000-lbs motor coach with only a 250 turbo cummins - will it be enough HP? I am looking into buying a 1994 HR 36' and was told it was a 300/HP now I find out it is only a 250/HP; I have driven it but not over a pass ! please help! Thanks, Gil


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You are driving a flat land coach. 250 horse is on the light side for s coach that size. You can talk to a good cumming mechanic and that engine can be upgraded some with new injectors. Take a ride in it and find you a nice steep bridge or hill sett in the cruise control at one speed and see how well i holds it going up. Also do you plan on using a toad need to see what it will pull.

Have a friend that has a HR 36 with a 300 and with a toad it sometime gets into a strain on the intersate hills on I-40 in Tennessee


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Re: cummins 250

I have a 97, 35', 24000lb with a 230 Cummins. It runs super and gets 10MPG. I tow a Neon with the same results. These are mechanical engines and usually put more HP than rated.
Good Luck