cummins engine swap

I have a 1990 dodge class b 3/4 t w/1 ton suspension and a 318. I also have a 1990 bread truck with a 4 cyl cummins turbo diesel. Is the engine swap easy? Thanks, Guy

Gary B

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cummins engine swap

Hi Guy, welcome to the forum, in a word NO, consider that the electrical wiring is completely different, engine mounts would most likely have to be fabricated, then theres the tranny / drive line to think about. When you are all done will a 4 cyl. have anough power,to get you down the road, and how many miles are on the bread truck engine? May be a better idea would be to convert the bread truck to a RV/MH I'll bet it would be simpler in the long run, good luck and have fun with what ever you decide. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: