Curtains and shades


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We have been looking around and have decided to try and install the following in the front (side windows) of our coach.

Sheers that allow side sliding on a fixed rod - so that the window may be looked out of without something between you and the window.

Either a secured or tracked vertical curtain - or possibly a curtain that may be tied back in mid point.

I don't really mind the day/night curtains on the rear bedroom of the coach - but hate it that I cannot open the curtain and look out clearly in the front part.

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Curtains and shades


Just got back into town and read your inquiry.
Nellis Belle has got pull down sun shades that work beautifully. They allow you all the proivacy you need during the day while allowing you to see the wonderful sights God has put on this earth.

The kids love it because they can watch TV and at the same time look out the windows.
They wory real good behind the curtains because when you want to sleep late, , with the sun screens down and the curtains closed it is Dark for those late evening naps too.
They also work nice to keepthe interior cool. If you like I will try and see what brand they are. As for durability they were installed in 1979.