daed batteries

Looking for ideas on troubleshooting dead chassis and house batteries. They have both been recently replaced and they still continue to drain and go dead afer a couple of weeks.
Please advice. Your help is appreciated.



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daed batteries

There are only 3 possible reasons they are going dead.

1) There is some load (drain) on them
2) The batteries are defective
3) Someone is using them without your knowledge

To check 1) put a current meter inline to all wires leaving the battery (or returning). There are some things which are normal (like the Propane Detector, which will eventually drain any battery), but a substantual current is likely your problem. Finding what is sucking the current will be a chore, unless whatever it is has a light or makes a noise.

To check 2) fill the water to the recommended level (if applicable) and then charge them up fully (recheck the water level), then completely disconnect them from all wires. Leave them this way for the few weeks, then check them. If they are mostly charged (all batteries 'self discharge' some), then apply a heavy load (a battery/load tester or something which uses a lot of current) and ensure it passes/powers the device for a reasonable period of time. If the batteries pass both these tests, there is nothing wrong with them.

As for 3, that is a security issue. Locking access, hidden cameras, light dusting of talcum powder, etc may provide some insight.

Note that discharging a battery more than 50% can lead to a reduced life.
daed batteries

Hi to add to what hertig said, take a 12 volt test light and put in line with your positive batt cable,(tip on cable clip on pos term. of batt.)if you have a draw the light will light up, and then simply start pulling fuses untill the light goes out.
daed batteries

I know this may be a silly question BUT are these batteries separate are would they happen to be connected in paralell. If they are connected in parelell that would be the problem.

They need to be isolated from each other other wise they will discharge each other over a period of a week or two .
daed batteries

What is the year and model of your rig? Does it have a battery disconnect switch and are you using it? If you are using the disconnect, you might check the refer. In some coaches, the refer may bypass the disconnect. Either Dometic or Norcold has a 'high humidity' switch located on the underside of the control panel. To locate, open the refer or freezer door and look up under the panel. If you find a small rocker switch, make sure it's off. This controls
a heating element in the door frame and will operate wheather the refer is on or off. ?Just an idea?

You also mentioned that your chassis battery would go dead. The chassis battery should be isolated from the coach when parked. You may have a bad relay stuck in the closed position.

Either way finding a battery drain can sometimes be frustraiting and time consuming. GOOD LUCK!!!
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daed batteries

Hi...Thanks to all for your responses.
I own a 1984 Coachman motorhome class C rig. The batteries are currently in series in which the van's battery will drain after the house battery dies out.
I'll try all of your remedies and wish me luck.

Thanks again.
daed batteries

What type of in dash stereo is in it? I had a kenwood in my old coach that would drain a fully charged battery in 2 weeks dead. It had a amp in it that with the radio off still drew power from the battery. Check your co2 detector, make sure your electric step is off. If all else fails get battery disconnects that go on the battery terminals, blade type switch. Rich B.