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I doubt that it is a problem everywhere, but I just stopped into a Dairy Queen on I10, about 1 hour east of Tucson, Arizona, and found that the price charged was higher than the price advertised. The person working the counter (with an 'Assistant Manager' nametag), was difficult to convince that there was a problem until finally she rang up 1 Large shake, which came up as $3.99 before tax. The sign clearly said that a large shake was $3.49 (not including tax).

When she was finally convinced that there was a discrepancy, the 'Assistant Manager' said she was 'unable to give me the advertised price because the computer would not let her'. Sounds like an illegal business practice to me, but perhaps computers now trump the law.

Like I said, probably not a common problem, but I suggest that if you stop at Dairy Queen, you get a receipt, and compare it to the prices you thought you were paying...

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RE: Dairy Queen warning

Sounds like good advice to me. I've been having trouble with a new Walgreens that recently opened and their register price doesn't match the shelf price. I have been checking the price close when I'm forced, by convience sake, to shop there. Sounds like we are being run by computers and not running the computers. :eek:


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RE: Dairy Queen warning

Some surveys indicate that the mismatch between shelf price and cash register scan is as much as 40% and seldom in the consumer's favor.

By law you are entitled to the posted price regardless of what the register rings up, but most consumers are not willing to fight for a few cents.

You are being nit-picked out of $100's of dollars a year if you are not careful and vigilant.

Good luck. :)


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Re: Dairy Queen warning

I always check the prices charged against the shelf prices...especially at the GROCERY stores...when there has been a discrepancy, I've never had a problem getting my 'few cents' back. I admit...it takes extra time and is quite inconvenient, but, as OldSoldiers pointed out: when we are 'nickled and dimes' like this it can pile up to a whole LOT of money!!!

Thanks for the 'head's up'!!