Damon Challenger 2004?

I am new to this site and would like everyone's opinion on my upgraded RV that I just purchased. This rig should be in my possession with in the next 12-14 days. I did own a '89 South Wind, 36'. My new Class A is a '2004 Damon Challenger with two slides and it's also '36.

How is the Work horse engine? Gas mileage? etc......



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Re: Damon Challenger 2004?

Welcome to the forum. Since you've owned rv's before, you knew what to look for and you chose a Damon. I think you made a good,educated and well thought out decision...don't allow anybody tell you that you made a mistake. the workhorse is a fine engine but you will find on this board some of us just have to smell deisel smoke whether it be Ford, Dodge cummins or cat.
Re: Damon Challenger 2004?

Thanks, I am looking forward to your alls help with my Damon in the future. I definitely like the diesels, but can't afford one on a School Teachers budget !


Re: Damon Challenger 2004?

hey Jim glad u stuck around :cool: :cool: :approve: :approve:
and Todd if like the MH u'r in then it's the one for u ,, and welcome to the forum ,, we get silly on here ,, but make anything outta it ,, but if u have any probs on u'r new to u rig ,, let us know ,, we'll be glad to help :approve: :approve: :approve: :)
Re: Damon Challenger 2004?

Guys, Thanks for the welcome with open arms. I have owned a '89 South Wind for 6 years (now trying to sell) and I am ready to move up to a newer RV. Since I am not very mechanically inclined I will appreciate everyone's tips they may have to share.

Thanks & Go Bucks!!!

"89 South Wind Class A
'2004 Damon Challenger (In the process of purchasing)