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Well it's good to have Nash back, now we need to put out an APB for DARLING. I know she said she was going to AZ. on a business trip, but she hasn't been on the forum lately. I know they have wifi in AZ. So if you reading and not writing let us know

C Nash

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Re: Darling

Hollis, maybe she is just like we were, so busy looking and seeing new sights kind of made the computer go on hold. thanks for the welcome back :)
Re: Darling

HI All I"m Back

It has been a busy month+/-. Our A/C unit went up, Had to wait on parts from a slo boat from China :laugh: :laugh:

Got a call that your son was in the hospital in Balto., Md, They thought he had a stroke at age 35. We got a flight out the next day to Md. left the laptop home in the rush. Had hassel from Homeland Security for Booking less than 24 hrs before the flight.
Honey was less then patient with them. & He expressed his self. So they were checking us out all the more.
Flying is for the birds.

Once we got there they figured it out that it was NOT a stroke after all but bone spurs on his neck puting pressure on his spinal column causing all his problems. So that is a good thing.

We bought a Honda hybrid while up there & drove it back to Fla. Honey said he is NOT turning into a TREE HUGGER but with gas being $4.14 up there, it ended up being cheaper than a rental car. And we did not have to fly home. So ALL things for a Reason.

When we got home the shop called & said the a/c was fixed & they never knew we were gone.

The only bad thing was that all Honey's chocolates melted in the coach. He did not think it would be in the shop that long & things with our son ....Sometimes the brain just dones not think. Now we have to repack all the food stuff back into the coach.

Well here it is 1 week till the 4th of July & we are still in Fla. We were hoping to see some of the country this summer as Honey is semi retired but probably now till after the 4th holiday.

Well now that I /we are back I have some reading to do to catch up on everything & everyone.

Darlin :cool:


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Re: Darling

hey Darling sorry to hear about your son hope all is ok. It good to see you are catching up on thing. Also happy 4th of July and always enjoy camping :laugh: :laugh:


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Re: Darling

Welcome back Darling, glad to hear that things are not bad just not great. Hope you can get it all going again and running smoothly.