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Hi folks,
Been feeling so good I started working on the ole 89 Chieftain to get her ready to try and sell her. Couple items I need to work on before we advertise and one, I hope you all can provide me some guidance as to how to fix it.
The controls on the dash (push button) with slide for temp, for A/C, Vents, Heater, Defroster do not seem to be working properly. I get air out of the defroster but none out of the vents or lower vents. It actually stopped working a little over a year ago, but I didn't mess with it because we bought a trailer from Ken, winterized the ole gal and left her sit all winter this past.
I also have a problem with the hose for the wiper but it is just because it is rotten and needs replaced and another one that also came off (broke off) under the hood that I'll need to replace (not even sure what it is for, but seems like some kind of vaccume hose. My air tank for filling tires and air horns also will not fill up. Guess she is just getting old like me.
Anyway, if anyone has encountered any of these issues and has some suggestions let me know.
It has the gas 454 engine and Chevy Chassis.
tks in advance
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Re: Dash Controls

Sounds like ALL other than the air is the same problem. Vacuum hose rot. look at all the hoses for size, guess at how much(Feet) you need and make a run to the auto parts store, buy more than you think you need as a return trip will burn more gas than the cost of a bit too much hose. And start replacing the hoses. Do one at a time so you can tell where each end goes. You might even find the old girl runs a bit better for the sale.



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Re: Dash Controls

There are probably two under-dash connections in the vacuum system, one on the back of the control panel, and one further along the hoses. They can work themselves loose.