DC Converter


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I recently bought a 95 Itasca Suncruiser 29' and drove to Kentucky and back from Minnesota.
The 454 purred like a hungry kitten but ran fine otherwise. 9 - 9.5 MPG.
One problem I wanted to pose to you all is that once I got there and plugged into a 30 amp connection, I started to notice that the converter heated up quite a bit with lights on. The batteries were all fully charged so it was only drawing a few amps with one or two lights on. The problem was that the lighs would flicker periodically. This only happens on shore power. When I am on batteries alone, no problem. Do you think the converter is going bad or is this normal operation? I don't want to take it to my RV dealer to have them charge me 150 to tell me it is normal. Another thing is the water pump started to create some rattling between wall and the shower. The pump s about 3 feet behind the area that rattles. It did not do this until I parked in Kentucky. It has quited down some now but still does it. Any ideas of why this would happen? Could it be a loose fitting? There is no leaking around it. We didn't even start using it before it rattled. It sounds like an amplified pump sound. How about could it be something plugging one of the lines?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggeestions.