deep cycle battery water levels

Hello everyone

What is the best way to check the water levels on deep cycle batteries ? Do I disconnect them ( whether or not they need water refill ) ? Or just shut off the electricity from the hookup ? do I use bottled water or has to be distilled water to refill ( if necessary ) ? I am new to this so any tips will help, thanks a lot
Only use Distilled water. I just check them, I have never needed to disconnect them from power. Oh yeah, when you top them off, do not fill them to the ring inside the filler neck. You should leave the water a millimeter or two below that ring so the gases can escape and not attempt to go out around the terminals and cause corrosion.
No need to remove the wiring. Just do not put any metal objects in there like wrenches or metal bottles to fill them. Careful with watches, screwdrivers etc, you do not want to create a new path for the electrons to short across. And no flames! It is OK to turn off the battery switch, but I have never done that for just checking/adding battery water unless maybe you are charging them at the same time. I always where my goggles when I work with the battery, getting that acid in the eyes would probably not be pleasant.

If the wiring needed to be removed prior to checking and filling the water in our batteries, it would rarely, if ever, occur.

Also, something to pay attention to, if you see any wetness on the top of the battery(s) wipe it off. I have been told that situation will discharge the battery without any other load.

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