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Ok, here's a test post on how to DELETE that extra post that sometimes gets in there when you DOUBLE click the SUBMIT button when replying to another's posted message.

I'm posting this test message and looking for something besides an 'EDIT' button. Is there a DELETE button somewhere? Posting .....

* * * *

Editing posted message ......

Nope. I don't see any obvious way to DELETE a post once you have submitted it. This is what John has already figured out.

One thing you could do is 'EDIT' after you notice the extra post, then delete all of the CONTENT and change the SUBJECT line so it reads something to the effect of, "POST DELETED BY USER". That would be pretty obvious to anyone reading the forum.

Remember that you only have 30 minutes before the 'Edit' button disappears on a post.

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How do you delete an extra message?

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