Denali TT

Hi, does anyone have one of these Denali Travel trailers 2005 or 2006 and what do you think of it. We want to purchase a rear kitchen model but have heard horror stories of RK models. Thanks
Denali TT

The only major complaints that I have heard about any Rear Kitchen models is that your dishes could get broken on really rough roads unless they are seperated by thick paper (i.e. that thick paper they come packed in from the factory.
Denali TT

thanks for your welcome and replys. And part of it was about the dishes. But I was wondering about the connections to the stove and fridge which are also right at the back. It is a sweet looking trailer inside but it is just what we don't need on a long haul to have those appliances broken.


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Denali TT

Does the roof slope down towards the rear? I briefly looked at a RK unit, but was unable to use the sink (I'm too tall).