Dental Savings Plan vs Dental Insurance Plans


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I am retired and had a Dental Plan through my former employer. It cost around around $40 a month. Had only a $2,000 cap for things for crowns and other expensive work. Staying in Fl. part of the year, I got a Dentist here. Asking the Secretary, from her experience, what company paid the best. Then found out, she was the Dentist's wife! She told me to not get Dental Insurance! Purchase a Dental Savings Plan. The Annual Premium was much Cheaper than Dental Plans and paid half for crowns just like my Dental Plan! Other procedures were covered the same way. I had my crown done for $1,000 vs $2,000. I'm having an upcoming cleaning and will see how much that will be. Be sure to check with your Dentist to see if they will accept one. I think it is awful how the Dental Insurance companies tell you that cleanings and exams are free annually. Then to find out, the price is coming out of you annual allowance. That is wrong!


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Therefore, it is essential to read all the insurance terms carefully because some insurance companies do not always tell their customers the truth. It is also necessary to read the entire contract because it may contain clauses you were not told about. When I graduated from medical uni, I spent a lot of time looking for a job. To find the best job, I turned to, which was a great decision. These guys specialize in analyzing work contracts, and with their help, I found a good job.
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