Dental Work in Mexico


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We started full-timing in June and plan to spend some time near Port Isabel & South Padre Island this winter. I need a crown replaced and we would like to have our teeth cleaned. I would appreciate any assistance on how to find a good reputable Dentist in Mexico near this area.
Do you need to make appointments and how do you pay?
Our local Dentist wants about $900.00 for the crown work and I'm wondering what that type of work costs in Mexico. We are new to this and are not aware of concerns crossing the border and doing things in Mexico.
Thank you, LIKENIT


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Re: Dental Work in Mexico

Welcome. We spent the winter last year at Port Isabel. Went to Mexico a few times. Talk to others at the campgrounds your staying at for referrals to good dentists in "Progresso". Lots of folks go there for dental work. Not like going to a dentists here in the states, but a heck of a lot cheaper and the folks I talked to, were pleased. Don't forget you may need a passport after Dec this year not just a driver's lic, etc. The dentists there were trained here in the states and get their crowns, etc., from here in the states.