Diamond Shield Bugs Me


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I have an 04 Newmar with the Diamond Shield cover for the front. The cover has been easy to keep clean until a few months ago. While traveling in the south I was splattered with a type of bug that will not come off. The splatters are orange in color and about a 1/4 inch in diameter. I've tried bug & tar remover,soap/water, windex, and nothing works. I called Diamond Shield and they said put alcohol on the spots and that would cause it to bleed out....Did not work either.

Any suggestions would help.....



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Diamond Shield Bugs Me


The **** little things are called "love bugs" because they stay "hooked up" continuously, but they die with a smile on their little faces when they hit your vehicle. They have no natural enemies and are everywhere along the gulf coast.

The secret is to get a box of Bounce fabric softner sheets. Wet one and rub over the splattered suckers. The Bounce works like magic. Then wash off with the hose.

buckbs from lovebug country