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Well, we signed the paper work today for a 2005 Everest Keystone 32' 5er. Won't bore you with the detais but the wife likes it and that is 99% ot the deal. We will stay in Los Vegas for a couple of weeks to shake it down and to see if the dog likes it. Thrn we are off to southern Calif for a month (we also get to se 2 of the 5 grand kides there), and my wife is thinking she wants to head to Texas to see our daughter and her family, after that we are not comitted.

Couple of questions for you ecperienced RV'rs... What "clubs" have you found beneficial for discounts at RV parks and other places? We are thinking of joining Good Sam's first (we hear you get a 10% discount.

2nd question - who do you have internet connectivity with (land line or wifi) and about what does it cost per month? We are going to use it to get internet access and to email.


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HI MM congrats on the new 5er, hope you have many great times! :laugh: . We have been Good Samers for 15+ years and yes you'll gey a 10% discount at Good Sam Parks, we use to have a KOA Kampimg Kard but they have gotten so spendy that very seldom stop at them any more, there is also the Happy Campers Club supposely they have deals with many parks for 1/2 price, we looked at but haven't joined.
AS for the internet when we are doing alot of traveling we don't have it, we use the public libuaries, when we stay as last winter we got a telephone and signed up with a local internet provider, it cost us $19.95 / month for unlimited use. I have been considering wifi but don't know that much about it yet. Have a great time!
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MM, when we started full timing in '00, we joined a small park in Utah via the internet cuz they allowed cheap access to Coast to Coast & RPI i.e. $$99 to campground, 70 to C2C and 60 to RPE annually. We stuck with them for 2 yrs but finally gave them up cuz generally we were treated as 2nd class citizens at any park we were not enrolled with and they generally were too far from the beaten path. And that is before the cost of fuel got so high and any savings are wiped out by the fuel expended to get to the out of the way cg. We finally settled on Passport America and Escapees. They are both great organizations. You can join PA for less than $50/yr and Escapees for about $70. PA gives you access to 500 campgrounds at 1/2 price and they range from fantastic to substandard but that is true of any organization. It still is a great value. Escapees is on great organization and you are never a stranger at one of their campgrounds. They also have a great mail operation. We also keep Good Sam for the discount in case we are in an area without PA or Escapees. KOA is too expensive with amenities you normally dont care about and too many kids running around unsupervised. Generally, I think that Thousand Trails and similar organizations are just much too expensive especially when you are a newbie and want to see a lot of country. If the time comes where you want to settle a bit and you become interested in this type of campground organization,dont buy at the cg. You can get resales for 10 cents on the $ from people selling their memberships or thru resale brokers. Keep the rubber side down! :laugh:

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We have been full time for 14 mo. now and love it. we use coast to coast. rpi aor. and so far find you need more then one. good luck on your new venture.