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Heres a question for the diesel guys. I bought a Ford diesel which requires using the Ultra Low Sulpher fuel. The one labeled Less Than 15PPM. Its supposed to be a fairly new fuel. Its all they sell in NY. But what about out west or away from the east coast. Is it easly available?
Another one, Ford strongly suggests using diesel with a 45 cetane rating (like octane for gas) . All I see is 40 . To get decent milage you have to add a cetane booster available from Ford, of course. Anyone see the 45 stuff for sale ? This Ford engine is the new one they came out with over the summer thats burns as clean as a gas engine. Allegdedly anyway. Maybe I should have checked into the chevys to see if they offered the older tried and true engines that burn everything. To late now.
You guys have a great forum here. Im new to this and picked up lots of info scanning the posts, old and new. Im in my final countdown , I pick up my slideon camper on the 12th. Just in time to winterize I guess :)


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On our recent trek to the Black Hills this summer did not have a problem finding either fuel. My M/H is and 07 and I can run either fuel. On Flying J's site you can see what station has what fuel (ULSD/LSD). If my memory is correct most stations sold the fuel with the cetane rating of 40 also.

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Hi nycsteve,

We were in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana this summer....no problem getting the appropriate diesel fuel.....'course we are all paying DEARLY for it...but it is out there!!


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i know this might strike some as a bad post,, but i don't have to worry about the cetane rateing ,, my cummins is old school and it will burn kerosen if it wants to,,,, :eek:
I run off road diesel in it ,, buy it from the coop ,, before i leave on a trip ,,, i have a 500 gallon tank of it at the barn that i use for the tractors , and this year i didn't use it much for the tractors ,, so since i paid for it ,, i figured ,, fill the rv up ,, but when i'm on the road i use what ever is available ,,, but i have heard from a few customers ,, that the new stuff really foams ,, and that the foam is heavy enough to actually pick up the guage float in the tank and make u think u have more fuel than u really have ,,, don't know for sure about this but heard it from a few :eek: :)


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By law, all places must carry the new ULSD. Some may also carry the older stuff, but many do not bother.

Some of the people with my coach and engine claim that the new USLD fuel causes gaskets to shrink, leading to leaks in the fuel system.

I think off road diesel does not include the taxes included in 'on road' diesel, and if a person is caught running it on road, can suffer big fines. I've heard they put a dye into it to help catch people using it inappropriately.

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The off road does have a dye and all they have to do is look at the color. Big fine here and some have paid it.

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PowerService Diesel Kleen is a cetane booster as well as lubricity enhancer/injection cleaner. You can get it for around $15/gal at Wal-Mart and slightly higher at most truck stops. Good stuff. I've been using it for about 11 years. The ULSF is sold at almost all diesel fuel stations now. ;)
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This is slightly on topic. My neighbor just got a new truck, so I asked him why he didn't by a diesel. He said he couldn't afford diesel, but his cousin makes his own diesel. What?!

Yeah, for $1,000 you buy a 'processor' that injects methane into old oil. I'm not talking about old oil from your crankcase. I'm talking about the oil that the Lion's Club fish is fried in, and the oil from the local fried chicken place! It works fine in his Ford diesel.

Now he's looking for 55-gallon drums to store it in, because the Lion's Club won't be frying fish all year long. He'll need some in reserve! Man, I wouln't want to be a fireman running up to that house fire!
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Just made the trip from Louisiana ,Texas, Arinonia, New Mexico, Nevada and all they sold was 15ppm diesel, several stops had 15 ppm bio diesel