Diesel generators

My next question concerns diesel generators. The Kountry Star comes standard with a PowerTech 8 KW generator with an option of a 7.5 Onan. Since I am looking at a 36 foot model, which will fit into national parks, which would be more quiet? I checked online asnd the Onan is rated at 66 dba at 10ft (pretty quiet) but I could find no information on the PowerTech. Any clues?


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Re: Diesel generators

The last I heard the Onan quiet diesel is excepted in National parks and I don't know if any others are. I have a 7.5 and yes it is very quiet. In fact it is quieter outside than in. Keep in mind, Onan is part of Cummins so if you do have a problem you can find repair shops very easy.
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Re: Diesel generators

The Onan is by far the most quiet of the common gensets found in motorhomes. The reason the Power Tec does not give such information is that it does not compare well. As to national parks, nearly all of them allow the use of gensets in some areas but not in campgrounds with full hook-ups. That same thing is true for most other parks and commercial campgrounds.