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Hi all, new to the forum and would like feedback on if I should get a diesel or gas vehicle to tow my toy hauler (weight at 6,000-7,000lbs loaded) on the weekends, about 10 times a year. I live in Colorado so drive mostly in the mountains with the toy hauler. The vehicle will also be my commuting and everything else vehicle for another couple of years. I am looking at the 2003 or newer Dodge Ram 2500-3500, the Ford Excursion or the Chevy Suburban 8.1L. I really don’t want to spend more than $20-23k and the vehicle can’t be more than 228 inches long, so it can fit in my garage. Thanks.

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RE: Diesel or gas

That's a tough call and you will need to make the decision. A lot depends on the kind of towing you wish to do! I can share my limited experience...

I will only have a diesel after having owned one! Originally started towing a cargo trailer with a Ford 150 (great truck!) Granted it was small, but I noticed mileage would drop in half when I towed. Eventually replaced with a Dodge Ram 2500 CTD. I could tow the cargo trailer or our 27ft 5th wheel without the mileage factor changing so much!I also prefer the torque of the diesel..seems to pull with less work and lower RPM's than the gasers I have had.

Just bought a new Duramax/Allison, which I truely think is a great truck. Either gas or diesel will do the job for you but my preference is diesel. And...now having owned a Chevy...well, let's not start that again!:)

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Re: Diesel or gas

Hey mtnman, welcome to the forum. I would go diesel also since you live where there are a few tiny little ol mountains. "03" to "06" Dodge Cummins Diesel is a good choice. GM's Duramax/Allison will do the job (don't let anyone see this or my reputation with Dodge is shot). If you get a diesel I would definitely stay away from the FORD 6.0L Power Stroke. Nothing but trouble. :(


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Re: Diesel or gas

My 05 Dodge Ram quad cab short bed goes in my 20' garage with 1" to spare on both ends. I did the home work before I bought it. The GMC extended cab short bed will also fit, not the crew cab. The Ford crew cab short bed will not fit.
Go with a diesel. That way you can always upgrade to a bigger trailer if needed.