diesel powered motorhomes


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We just acquired a motorhome with a diesel engine and would appreciate any information with respect to obtaining fuel. Truck stops obviously carry diesel, but do the big 18 wheelers use the same grade of fuel used by the diesel powered motorhomes? How easy is diesel to obtain off the Interstates? Is there anything we should be particularly aware of with respect to maintaining the engine?


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diesel powered motorhomes

You shouldn't have a problem finding fuel, in my state just about every gas station has diesel fuel. And yes it is the same fuel that the big trucks use.
You should find that the diesel engine will give you way better fuel economy that an equivalent gasoline engine would. Also they are more durable.
As far as maintenance follow the manufactures recomendations for oil changes, filter changes, and check your operators manual about draining the water separator, that is if your rig has one. Diesel engines don't like water in the fuel or air in the fuel lines.


diesel powered motorhomes

As to mintaining the diesels, one thing that you should do on a regular basis is to put some additive in the tank the will kill bacteria :dead: . I know it sounds funny but there is a bacteria that thrives in the little bit of water that is sometimes found in diesel.

It at times gets in while fuelling up in the rain :( and just by the natural condensation found in the air as your fuels is being used, the space fills up with outside air :( .

This bacteria will grow quickly in undisturbed tanks that are in the 88 to 95 degree temp. range :evil: .

They don't hurt anything other than clogging up fuel filters faster than you can change them :angry: . Then you have the chore of cleaning out the tank :angry: .
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