Diesel PRoblem


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I don't know if this is the right forum, but I'll try.

This is kind of an urgent problem I need help with. Thanks in advance.

My son in Oregon has a Ford F-250 Diesel, 1984, 6.9L. It has been running great, but this last week it wouldnt start. They replaced the fuel pump and it ran great for awhile but now won't start again. He can start it with starter fluid. Once it starts, it runs fine. One mechanic mentioned a possibility of low compression. He said it won't crank. starter works, but no fuel to the engine, or something along those lines. I know nothing about diesel, so would appreciate some good advice. I don't want him getting duped by a money hungry mechanic. He should be giving some more symptoms today, but I thought this would be a good start...



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Diesel PRoblem

Here is more information on the diesel problem. Any ideas? Thanks
Here is more info already:

"1984 Ford F250, 6.9 diesel, 160,000 miles

recently replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, running on rear tank only,
starter turns but engine wont crank. shop says glow plug system is ok.
only way to get started is with starter fluid."

Does that help? Thanks


Diesel PRoblem

A diesel needs to turn over rather fast to make the needed compression to start. Have your son get a jump off some one who has a hot battery.

The other option is if it is turning over fast and won't start on diesel but will start on starting fluid , in my opinion would be the timing is off.

If this has been a gradual process getting hard to start as time went on I would suggest timing chain strech which would throw the timing off

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Diesel PRoblem

HI Bowlingbum, The first thing to do is to STOP USING starting fluid in that engine if the glow plugs are working, if the glow plugs are working they may had already cracked the heads! The 6.9 is an extremly easy starting engine so if the glow plugs are working and its not getting fuel the first place I'd check is the fuel tank transfer valve its located in the frame next to the fuel tanks, when thay fail they will sometime not allow fuel to the pump and sometime not allow the return fuel to return to the tank in both cases the engine starts hard and will gobble fuel like theres no tomorrow. By replacement of the fuel pump do you mean the mechanical engine fuel pump or the injector fuel pump? Are all the fuel lines from the tank to the engine fuel pump and then from there to the fuel water seperator to the injector pump tight and not leaking or sucking air? Sometimes the water drain on the water seperator will leak and cause air to leak in causing no starting. ONCE again stop with the starting fluid, try pulling it to start it'll start by pulling in about 25 feet.
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