Diesel vs. Gasoline

To the Allisonman,

Sir, I am looking at a '94 Coachmen Santara, 32 foot, GVW 20000, with a Cummins 210 and Allison AT545. I understand the trans has uphill and mileage limitations because it has no lockup feature. The coach I'm eyeing has only 8,000 miles on it.

In spite of the transmission limitations, am I better off with this rig or a similarly priced and configured gasoline unit which would likely have a Ford V-10 Triton? I tend not to push vehicles hard.
Diesel vs. Gasoline

Do the math. I did and I came up with gas being the better way to go.
Gas rig are less expensive, Right now in my area (CA)Regular is less expensive Disel. I won't list all the examples but I'm sure you can come up with a list and do the comparisons yourself. :)
Diesel vs. Gasoline

I did not see this post until March so I hope this is not too out of date.
We recently purchased a 35' 94 Santara and absolutely love it. We are not rich but I wanted diesel. Ours has the 230HP turbo and the MD3060 6 speed and I can not believe the pulling power and fuel economy of this setup, even pulling our Jeep Cherokee toad. I cannot help but think that You might want to hold out for for the upgrade if you are like us--this is it for 5 years. This coach is in excellent condition and we only gave 20k for it in Florida. I looked on RVTRADER.com for a year and struck while the iron was hot.

Good luck in your search.
enjoy what you worked hard for.
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