Diesels - Mechanical or Electronic


That is what I am as far as diesels.

I can tear down and rebuild darn near any gas engine - but I quit working on them quite a few years ago (I stopped working for a living).

Now - I have the 1993 Tourmaster with the Cummins 8.3 250 hp engine. I do not know what it is. The ONLY papers I have indicates that it is a C 8.3

I have been told this is the Mechanical engine - I assume this means it is strictly a mechanical injector pump system also and the older series (it was built in 3/92).

I am planning on nudging the HP up to around 300 - and now have been advised that this can be done (since it is a mechanical) easily.

Any thoughts - input - recommendations - experience - etc would be welcomed.

I know - Dumb is dumb, stupid is stupid, ignorance is correctable. Put me in the ignorant category.

Thanks for your input in advance

Bill & Judy (she's the smart one).
Diesels - Mechanical or Electronic

Bill, You live in tractor pull country and I imagine if it were me I would find me a good diesel mechanic that fools around on the side( with engines that is) and find one you can trust. It all goes back to how much fuel and air you can shove into and engine thats where the horsepower comes from.
Diesels - Mechanical or Electronic

Bill: My experience is with the smaller Cummins, but it is a mechanical engine and I found the fuel pump adjustments are fairly easy once you find the right technical info. I did a brief seach on the net for your year Cummins and found that the 250hp and the 300hp injectors used the same part number. That leads me to believe you probably would not have to upgrade yours to get to 300hp. Like Poppa says, a good diesel guy could most likely make these adjustments, however many won't want to take on any liability as the smog laws usually govern how the engines are setup. Keep looking for info on the net and you may find you can achieve the modest gains you are shooting for without going to the expense of the Banks kits.
Diesels - Mechanical or Electronic

Hello again, You should ask AllisonMan if your transmisson will be ok with the increase in horse power. trans is a weak link in the system here.
Diesels - Mechanical or Electronic

Thank you to each one.

I have been reading and learning.

Good thought - AllisonMan may be of help as the trans must be able to handle the additional HP and Torque.