Different tires for summer/winter driving?

I check this forum occasionally and there has been very little activity. I hang out at RV.net and there is a lot of activity there for us "B" folk. One question I had about winter driving I discovered the answer just recently. My Sprinter Van with the original Michelin tires goes very well in the bad winter weather up here in Upstate NY (Syracuse). I don't like to drive it at all in the winter but needed to this week and found it is ok in the snow. I am guessing the aggressive tires really help. I may get some less aggression tires for summer driving and save the original for winter. Any suggestions for summer tires????
Re: Different tires for summer/winter driving?

One of my original Michelin tires had a slow leak and when I had it checked I was told the rear tires were due to be replaced. (48.000 miles) So... DL, I did take your one word advice and replaced the Michelins with Michelins. I am now getting much better traction in the snow up here with the A/S treads. ($400.00 for 2 but worth it!) Bruce